Safe, Gentle and Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne

Wisdom teeth can cause a lot of discomfort. At Wisdom Teeth Professionals, we perform wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. The wisdom tooth may create unbearable pain as it pushes its way to the surface. Not everyone may need to have wisdom teeth removed. We only perform this procedure in the following cases:

  • The teeth are impacted
  • There is no space for the extra teeth
  • You have a teeth alignment problem

You don’t need to wait for the pain to start before you search for wisdom teeth removal Melbourne. If you come to the Wisdom Teeth Professionals for a regular check-up, our specialists can diagnose the problematic wisdom tooth before it occurs and removal would be prescribed.

Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Melbourne

Aside from the fear of pain, the cost of the procedure is one of the top concerns people may have. We reassure you that in most cases wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne is affordable. As long as the procedure does not involve major surgery. Normally, wisdom teeth extraction is done in the dentist’s chair and you can go home right after the procedure.

Some cases might get complicated and may need to be performed in a theatre. This is when wisdom teeth removal cost Melbourne can be higher. You need to contact your insurance company to find out if they cover the procedure.

Preparation for Wisdom Teeth Removal Melbourne

Before the procedure is carried out, Dr Pinho (our dentist who has performed thousands of wisdom teeth removal) will speak to you and explain the procedure. This is done to prepare you for what will happen and address any fears. A search for wisdom teeth Melbourne procedure can also provide you with information on what to expect.

While you speak to the dentist, ask any questions you have so that you are relaxed when they start the procedure.


Removal of the tooth can take not more than 30 minutes. Sometimes if it is just one tooth, it could be done in 10 minutes. Before the wisdom teeth Melbourne procedure, you will be given anaesthesia to numb the gums. The dentist then gently moves the tooth from side to side to loosen it. This may create some discomfort, but it will be mild. Once the tooth is loose, it is pulled out.

Sometimes it may be necessary for the dentist to cut the gums and remove part of the jaw bone to be able to remove the tooth. After such a procedure, the gum will need to be stitched.

After Removal

Dr Pinho will advise you not to operate heavy machinery including a car for some hours as the anaesthesia wears off. You may not be able to eat solid foods for some days and you must take care of your oral hygiene. It may take a week for the wound to close up. Your gum may also be swollen just after the procedure but that should be no cause for alarm.

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If you are experiencing discomfort or severe pain at the back of your jaws, you may need to remove your wisdom tooth. Make an appointment today to see our dentist.