Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to get a referral from my dentist or doctor before I have a consultation wisdom teeth removal?
No referral is needed for your first free consultation.
What kind of experience does Dr Pinho have?
Dr Pinho has been practicing tooth extraction, oral surgery and wisdom teeth removal for 15 years in both Melbourne and Sydney. He has performed oral surgery on thousands of patients and have removed more than 30,000 wisdom teeth. He has an impeccable safety record
Is wisdom teeth removal painful?
Not at all. The process is a gentle and pain-free experience. Only the best and latest technology and technique is used for teeth extractions at The Wisdom Teeth Professionals to ensure patients experience only minimal discomfort.
What kind of pain can I expect after the procedure?
Our team takes pain management very seriously. Each patient will receive specific instructions and medications to help deal with any pain that may occur afterwards.
Will I experience swelling afterwards?
Swelling can vary from patient to patient but generally swelling can increase for the first three days but will being to reduce slowly after that. Dr Pinho is known for his very conservative and gentle technique to avoid swelling.
When is a good time to have wisdom teeth removed?
Although you can have wisdom teeth removed at any age, it is better to have them taken care of at a younger age. It’s important for teenagers to have wisdom teeth consultations and evaluations. We usually recommend a first consultation at around 17 years old. At this age is usually possible to predict the need or not to have Wisdom teeth removed. It is also important to remember that not always all 4 Wisdom teeth need removal. Each person is different so your dental or oral surgeon will examine your teeth and will explain the pros and cons as well as the risks involved. Waiting for pain, exposure , eruption or "keeping an eye on it" is a usual mistake patients and even some dentists make in our opinion. Age is in Dr Pinho's opinion the main factor when it comes to Surgical removal of Wisdom Teeth , specially the lower ones.
What is recommended to eat after wisdom teeth are removed?
Soft foods are advised in the first week as to not aggravate the gums and to reduce the chance of infection.
Do I have to go to hospital and be put to sleep to have my wisdom teeth removed?
Each case can vary so it will depend on your case however if 4 teeth are being removed then people will often choose the option of having a general anaesthetic.

You will not need to stay overnight in hospital as it’s performed in day surgery and takes less than an hour.
Do I have to book another appointment to have the stitches removed?
No, you won’t need to have them removed as the stitches used are dissolvable. Dr Pinho does recommended patients return 7-14 days post surgery to check how you are healing. This appointment is free of charge.
How much does it cost?
Even though the prices for removing a single tooth may vary from $225 to $375, removing 4 wisdom teeth will never cost you more than $970.

To find out about pricing and payment plans, click here.
Does my insurance pay for wisdom teeth removal?
This will depend on your health cover however you can find out more about pricing here.
What is dry socket and will I get it?
Dry socket is when the blood clot comes off after a tooth extraction. It causes pain and a bad taste is left in the mouth. Good quality oral surgery and the correct post-operatory care will minimise any chances of dry socket. Due to the excellent level of care at our practices, we rarely see any cases of dry socket.
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