Sedation & Anesthetics For Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most procedures are performed under local anaesthesia in our clinics.
There is no extra fee for this service.

If it’s decided that your case needs to be performed under IV sedation or general anaesthetic, additional hospital and/or anaesthetist fees may apply. We work with excellent Hospitals and Day Surgeries.

Hospital costs will vary between which hospital is chosen for your surgery (aprox. from $550 to $950).
If you have private hospital cover for over 12 months it will likely to cost you nothing out of pocket or a small excess.

IV Sedation is available with Medicare rebate.

We have some very good deals in place with Anaesthetists, and in some cases may only cost you $100 out of pocket to have all 4 wisdom teeth removed.

* These Extra fees are Approximate Only and Before any Eligible Health Fund and Medicare Rebates.
* These Fees are Not Set By The Wisdom Teeth Professionals.
* All these extra options will be discuss with you during your free consultation.

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