Cheap Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney and Melbourne

Dr Paulo Pinho has made it his missions to offer Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney and Melbourne at Affordable Prices.
By focusing exclusively in removal of wisdom teeth Sydney, Dr Pinho can offer a quality and efficient service at unbeatable costs.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Sydney

The cost of wisdom teeth extraction in Sydney and Melbourne relies upon the complexity to extract every tooth. So the expense may vary, and it’s determined after considering various factors during the initial consultation with our surgeon. Despite that, you can be rest guaranteed we offer affordable wisdom teeth removal cost in both Sydney and Melbourne. Our wisdom teeth removal price is as low as $225 and up to maximum of $970 for all 4 wisdom teeth extraction.

Financing and Payment Plans - Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney

Dr Pinho's mission is to make oral medical procedures cost reasonable and open for everybody, no one should be left in pain with the lack of dental care. Payment plans and financing options are available to you and can be discussed in your dental consultation. Financial hardship shouldn't be a reason to ignore your dental condition, and Dr Pinho strives to be as accommodating as possible with his cheap wisdom teeth surgery price.

Hospital Costs and Anaesthesia

Most procedures are performed under local anaesthesia in our clinics. Some cases may need to be performed under IV sedation or general anaesthetic, additional hospital and/or anaesthetist expenses may apply but we believe to have negotiated the best fees in Australia.
Hospital costs , $550-950 will vary depending on which hospital is chosen for your procedure, and you will likely pay nothing out of your pocket if you've had private insurance for more than a year.
Anaesthesia is available with a Medicare rebate. We have some great arrangements with Anaesthetists, and again it may just cost you even nothing out of pocket to have the 4 wisdom teeth removed depending on the time of your procedure.

Tooth Extraction

For tooth extraction due to damage caused by wisdom teeth

$150 - $475

Simple Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

For straightforward wisdom teeth removal with no complexities.

$225 - $275

Surgical Wisdom Tooth Removal

For procedures where complexities are found during initial assessment.

$225 - $375

Even though the prices for removing a single teeth may vary from $225 to $375,

Removing 4 wisdom teeth will never cost you more than $970!

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Sydney

For many Australians having a wisdom tooth removed is a dreaded affair due to wisdom teeth removal cost. It is not just about the anticipated discomfort and probably stories they may have heard about a visit to the dentist, but also the idea of wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney. Many worry that they may not be able to cover the cost while others wonder if their insurance can cover it. We are able to give you a definite price for your wisdom tooth removal after our free comprehensive consultation. From $225 to $375 and no more than $970 for All 4 regardless of the difficulty and item numbers.

What Determines the Wisdom Teeth Removal Price Sydney

Number of Teeth: The charge is usually per tooth removed, that means if you have just one tooth that needs to be removed, you may be lucky to experience cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney. At our clinic, we usually encourage our clients to have a regular check-up and not to wait for a number of teeth to need removal because that will cost a lot. If You Need Sedation: If the removal of your wisdom teeth needs sedation, we probably will not be able to do it on the chair and you will incur hospital costs. Insurance: Some people have an insurance cover that takes care of part of the cost or even most of it, this would mean what you pay would be less. Specialist Cost: Some teeth removal cases are complicated and may require a medical specialist. We will guide you through everything you will need to do to have your treatment done. Wisdom Teeth is All We Do ! Extra Services: If there is more that has to be done other than extraction, there will be an added cost to it. You can discuss more it with our dental surgeon. Location: The area in which you live and have your teeth removed can determine what the price would be, for example, wisdom teeth removal price Sydney is going to be cheaper than what you may have to pay in other places.

Let Us Give you a Quote

If you have a tooth that needs to be removed or a decayed tooth, we would recommend that you come to our clinic to know more about our wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney. Our dentists will examine your teeth and recommend what needs to be done. We will also give you a quotation for the entire procedure and explain to you the options you have if any. Remember it will save money if you attend to it faster. The longer you wait, the more complicated it gets.


1How much do you charge for Wisdom Teeth Removal?
The wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney depends on the complexity involved in the removal of each tooth. So, the expense might differ based on the various factors. Your dentist will discuss with you during your consultation. However, the removing all the 4 wisdom teeth is as low as $150 and up to $970. Talk to our dentist today at 1300 721 184.
2What are the factors that affect the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney?
There are many factors that influence the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney, they are –
  • Procedure type – The cost of removing an impacted tooth generally costs more, rather than simple extractions. This is because, when the procedure is complicated, it cannot be completed in the chair by your regular dentist, instead it will involve general anaesthesia/IVs etc.
  • The specialist – In case if your case is highly complicated and requires a specialist, it might involve a little higher fees.
  • Private health insurance – If you hold a private insurance for more than a year, it might have a great impact on how much you pay for the treatment.
  • Location – The costs might vary from place to place, while it is very easy to get a cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney.
Call 1300 721 184 to schedule an appointment with our team of expert dentist today!
3I just need to get a single wisdom tooth removed. What is the cost?
At Wisdom Teeth Professionals, we offer a cheap wisdom teeth removal Sydney. We charge only $225 - $250 for a removing a wisdom teeth with no complexities. But if the removal of the teeth would involve a surgical procedure or any complexities, our charges would be from $250 - $375. Dr. Paulo Pinho has been practicing dentistry in Australia since 2005, to offer a Low cost oral surgery on wisdom teeth extraction. So our charges are straightforward with no complications. Call 1300 721 184 to discuss in detail with a professional dentist.
4Do you accept a private health insurance?
Yes, if your private health insurance is a year old, you really can get great discounts on your wisdom teeth removal price Sydney. Even if you don’t have insurance, we offer the best quality service at affordable rates. We have a lot of options so you don’t have to wait in pain for your insurance. Discuss with us today at 1300 721 184.
5Should I consult a specialist for my wisdom tooth removal?
Usually General dentists can perform a simple wisdom tooth removal process. However, for patients with a highly impacted tooth may need to get the help of a specialist in wisdom tooth removal, as they are fully equipped with all equipment that is necessary to perform any challenging surgery with minimal risks. But the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney, when performed by a specialist might slightly vary. Discuss with the specialists in wisdom tooth removal at 1300 721 184
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