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Dr Pinho is a dental surgeon who has worked intimately with oral specialists and professionals for 15 years, concentrating his training to wisdom teeth extraction and dental implants. Not one patient under his treatment has ever had a permanent injury. He has removed over 30,000 Wisdom Teeth.


Life shouldn't be hard. We make things simple for you by offering affordable wisdom teeth removal. Why go abroad for oral surgery when you can be treated securely and inexpensively in Sydney and Melbourne? We are proud to offer what we believe to be the best fees for Wisdom Teeth removal in Australia


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No waiting list. Because Dr Pinho has limited his practice to two specific fields of dentistry, he has these wisdom teeth extraction and dental implant procedures down to a fine art.

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Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars are the last teeth to come through and grow at the back of your gums that may cause pain or discomfort. Find out if your wisdom teeth or tooth requires extraction.

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Why are wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth removal is a common dental procedure that is recommended by dentists to prevent dental issues. Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, typically erupt during late adolescence or early adulthood and are prone to overcrowding, which can cause discomfort, infection, and tooth decay. Due to their location in the mouth, wisdom teeth are difficult to clean properly and can lead to periodontal disease and gum infections. If left untreated, the infection can spread to other teeth, causing serious dental issues. Thus, wisdom teeth removal Sydney is advised to prevent potential dental problems and ensure overall oral health and wellbeing.

Is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth removal is not always necessary, but it's a common dental procedure for various reasons. These third molars often emerge in late adolescence or early adulthood and can cause problems due to their size and position. They may become impacted, unable to fully erupt, leading to pain, infection, or damage to adjacent teeth. Additionally, their location at the back of the mouth makes them difficult to clean properly, increasing the risk of cavities and gum disease. While not everyone needs wisdom teeth removal Sydney, dentists assess individual cases to determine if extraction is necessary to prevent potential complications and maintain oral health.

What is an impacted wisdom tooth?

An impacted wisdom tooth is a third molar that fails to fully emerge or grow out properly, usually due to a lack of space in the jaw. It is often found in young adults and can cause a range of issues such as pain, swelling, infection, and tooth decay. In severe cases, an impacted wisdom tooth may damage adjacent teeth or gums. Wisdom teeth removal is the common solution for impacted teeth, and is done by a dentist or oral surgeon under anaesthesia. It involves removing the Wisdom teeth Sydney and allowing the patient to recover in comfort, preventing any further complications. Early diagnosis is important to avoid long-term problems.

What is the best age to have them removed?

The best age for wisdom teeth removal varies from person to person. Usually, wisdom teeth start to develop between the ages of 17 and 25, which is also the prime time for their removal. However, if there are no issues, you can wait till later. Removing wisdom teeth Sydney in your early 20s might be easier since the teeth are not fully developed, and the bones and gums are less dense. If left untreated, they can lead to pain, decay, and infections, impacting overall oral health. It's best to consult an experienced dentist who can advise you on the appropriate time for wisdom teeth removal.

What if I don’t have them removed now?

If you choose not to have your wisdom teeth removed now, you could be in for a hefty bill later. The wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney increases with time, and delaying the procedure could lead to more complications down the line. Keeping your wisdom teeth could result in crowding, shifting, and damage to adjacent teeth. Furthermore, leaving wisdom teeth untreated can lead to painful infections, cysts, and tumours. So while it may be tempting to avoid the immediate inconvenience of removal, the long-term consequences could be much more costly both financially and in terms of your oral health.

How Much Does Wisdom Tooth Removal Cost?

Wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the procedure, location, and anaesthesia type. It's important to consult with a dentist or oral surgeon for a personalized estimate. Some dental insurance plans may cover a portion of the cost, so it's important to check with your provider. Wisdom teeth removal can be necessary for oral health, as impacted teeth can cause pain and infection. Although the cost may seem intimidating, it's important to prioritize oral health to prevent further complications down the road. In the long run, wisdom teeth removal may save you money and discomfort.

What are dry sockets?

Dry sockets are a common complication that may occur after wisdom teeth extraction Sydney. This condition happens when the blood clot in the extraction site dissolves or is dislodged, exposing the underlying bone to air, fluids, and food particles. Dry sockets cause extreme pain and discomfort, bad breath, foul taste, and difficulty opening the mouth. Factors such as smoking, improper dental hygiene, and genetics may increase the risk of developing dry sockets. To prevent and manage this condition, dentists recommend proper wound care, pain management, and antibiotics. Follow-up appointments and consultations with dental professionals are also essential to ensure proper healing and avoid complications.

What problems can occur when retaining wisdom teeth?

When retaining wisdom teeth, many problems can arise that may lead to discomfort, infection, and further dental issues. One common issue is overcrowding, as the wisdom teeth may cause neighbouring teeth to shift or become crooked. This can result in pain and difficulty when chewing or speaking. Wisdom teeth can also become impacted, meaning they are trapped beneath the gum line, causing swelling, pain, and infection. In more severe cases, cysts or tumours may develop. For these reasons, many opt for wisdom teeth extraction Sydney to prevent future dental complications. It is important to consult with a trusted dentist to assess if extraction is necessary for optimal oral health.

Does everyone have wisdom teeth?

Not everyone has wisdom teeth, and their presence varies among individuals. While most people do develop wisdom teeth, there is a significant percentage of the population who never grow these third molars. This natural variation can be attributed to genetics and evolution. In some cases, wisdom teeth may not develop at all, or they may be congenitally missing. When they do grow, their emergence can cause various issues, such as impaction or overcrowding, prompting the need for the best wisdom teeth removal Sydney to prevent potential dental problems. Dentists assess each patient to determine the necessity of removal based on their unique needs.

How Long Does it Take for Wisdom Teeth to Heal?

After the best Wisdom teeth removal Sydney, it typically takes 1-2 weeks for complete healing of wisdom teeth. During this time, you may experience pain, swelling, and bleeding, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain relievers and a soft diet. Follow your dentist's instructions for cleaning your mouth and avoiding strenuous activities to prevent complications such as infection or dry socket. Within a week, the gum tissues start to heal and cover the extraction site, which can be tested with food but requires avoiding spicy or crunchy foods for few days. Always seek professional advice from your dentist in case of any severe symptoms.

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