How do I know if I need my Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Unfortunately, usually the first time you know is when you experience pain, or get an infection or abscess.

Why Cheap or affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney or Melbourne is Necessary?

Wisdom teeth, also known as the third molars are the last teeth to come through and grow at the back of your gums. These teeth ordinarily develop through the gums during the late teens to early twenties. As wisdom teeth grow, often there isn't sufficient room in the mouth for them to develop appropriately. This absence of space moves wisdom teeth to grow at an odd angle or make them only partially emerge. This unpredictable development of wisdom teeth is called partially eruption of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal isn't always necessary but we suggest a free consultation of wisdom teeth if you are encountering any kind of discomfort, have any questions or want to prevent future issues. Free consultation by our Sydney oral surgeon professionals as early as 17 years of age is highly recommended. Check out the FAQ page for more information.

Effective Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedures

Prior to the procedure, we will likely recommend an X-ray of your mouth to examine the complexity of the issue and the exact treatment needed. Generally, we perform cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney and Melbourne under local anaesthesia to numb the tooth and surrounding area. This is done to evade the pain or any inconvenience that causes while operating the surgery.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

During the wisdom teeth removal surgery, our professionals will make a small incision in the gum and a piece of bone covering the tooth will be removed. The wisdom tooth to be removed will be broken into multiple smaller pieces to make it easier to come out of the opening and avoid swelling and pain later. The cheap wisdom teeth removal in Sydney and Melbourne will not be painful because the surgical area would be made numb before the surgery begins.

Duration of the Procedure - Affordable Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

Generally, our wisdom teeth removal procedure in Sydney will be finished in a couple of minutes yet can take longer than 20 minutes if the procedure is more complex. With modern surgical techniques, you will likely to experience minor discomfort like after the removal with the help of appropriate medication.

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Sydney

There is a lot of discussion surrounding wisdom teeth removal. Most of the talk rotates around whether it is necessary to remove them and what it may cost. When it comes to wisdom teeth removal Sydney, we advise you to take it seriously and not wait until you have a major problem with the wisdom teeth. We encourage our patients to have an X-ray done by our qualified dentist to ascertain whether they need to be removed or not. In most cases though, it is necessary to have them removed.  

When to Remove Wisdom Teeth

Most dentists who perform wisdom teeth removal Sydney will recommend the teeth are removed under the following circumstances.
  • If there is not enough space in the jaw for the extra tooth and it is causing complications in the mouth
  • If the wisdom tooth is impacted and partially exposed because there is not enough space for it to grow out
  • When there is an infection under the surface of the gum caused by the wisdom tooth
  • When the wisdom tooth is causing severe discomfort

Impacted Teeth

Impacted teeth are the most common reason for removal of the wisdom teeth. An impacted tooth occurs when the wisdom tooth fails to find its way to the surface and begins to grow under the surface of the gum and usually, it can pushes against the tooth next to it resulting in complications. Some of the complications include:
  • Severe pain and decay
  • Alteration in the dental structure
  • Infections
  • Trouble eating

Removal of Impacted Teeth

Our trained professionals usually advise that an impacted partially erupted tooth should be removed as soon as possible. If you regularly have a dental check-up, the dentist can diagnose the danger at an early stage. Usually, an impacted tooth can be spotted in an X-ray. It is much easier to have wisdom teeth removal in Sydney when you are still young than after 25 when your roots may have grown deeper, the bone is harder and it would require more complicated surgery and likely to cost more.


Many of our patients worry about pain when having their wisdom teeth removed. At our clinic, we use modern surgical methods which will ensure you do not feel the pain. While you might experience minor discomfort after the surgery, pain should easily be managed by proper prescribed medication In some cases, we can have the patient sedated or under general anaesthetic so that they are not conscious of the procedure and they will wake up when it is all done. In most cases, however, a local anaesthetic is used to numb the area and you would be aware of what is going on but you will not feel the pain.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost Sydney

The price of wisdom teeth removal depends on different factors:
  • The number of teeth that have to be removed
  • The level of complication in removing the tooth
  • If sedation or general anaesthesia is required
  • If the patient have private health insurance and or hospital cover
We recommend that you contact our experienced wisdom teeth Sydney surgeons and they will advise on what needs to be done and how much it will cost.


1How much does it cost to get wisdom teeth surgically removed?
At the Wisdom Teeth Professionals, we strive to offer the lowest-cost oral surgery in Sydney and Melbourne. Dr. Paulo Pinho has been practicing dentistry in Australia since 2005, with an aim to provide a Low cost oral surgery, especially on wisdom teeth extraction. So, our charges for a straightforward wisdom teeth removal with no complexities, it costs only $225 - $250. For procedures complexities, the charges are about $250 - $375. Whereas the wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney will never cost you more than $970, if you are looking to remove all the 4 Wisdom Teeth! Book Online to schedule your free appointment now!
2Is getting my Wisdom teeth out a major surgery?
Not really though, unless if your wisdom teeth is badly impacted. Wisdom teeth removal Sydney is a major surgical procedure which involves incision, anaesthesia and stitches. But, there’s nothing to be frightened about. It is only a common procedure which most people undergo. At Wisdom Teeth Professionals, all our surgeons are experts in wisdom tooth removal. Some patients require only local anaesthesia and for those who are very anxious, we recommend a mild sedation to make them sleep. Discuss with a professional dentist today. Book Online Now !
3How long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth removal?
The normal recovery time of wisdom teeth removal Sydney takes less than an hour. But, it depends on how impacted your wisdom teeth are. You might experience mild discomfort for a few days. Your surgeon would normally suggest you to take a couple of days to rest. Book Online to schedule your free appointment with our surgeon now!
4How painful is wisdom teeth removal?
At Wisdom Teeth Professionals, we always make sure to give you appropriate anaesthetic based on your procedure. So, there should be no pain during the extraction of wisdom teeth Sydney. If you are still concerned about any discomfort or pain during the wisdom teeth removal process, you might consult our experts and get the necessary support during the procedure. After the procedure, there are chances that you might experience mild swelling or discomfort. That is why we prescribe a few painkillers and recommend our patients to take a rest for a couple of days. Book Online to discuss with our surgeons in detail on Wisdom teeth removal.
5My wisdom tooth has already started causing problems. Is it okay if I wait for a while?
Well, you need to discuss this with our expert surgeon in wisdom teeth Sydney. This is because, the problems faced by patients differ. However, if your wisdom tooth has already started causing problems, we strongly recommend removing them at the earliest. Since, the longer you keep it, the worse will be your dental problem. Moreover, as you age, the bone around the wisdom teeth gets dense, making it difficult to remove. So, it is best to remove them to avoid any further infections. Schedule a free appointment with our professional team today. Book Online Now !

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Sydney

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